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Pedro - We recorded our re-union album at Farmyard Studios from start to finish in just 8 days. We are really pleased with the results and cant wait to be back.

The Ducky Fuzzlins -As a new band who'd just started gigging in London we were eager to put together a demo CD to show off our new material and act as an advertisement for prospective promoters. Many places in and around the city offered recording facilities, but at a price way out of reach of our humble acoustic quartet. Only 2 hours drive from North London, Farmyard was an immediate attraction.  What a weekend! A fabulous rock-and-roll-a-thon with our hired-for-the-weekend session drummer - all sorted out by the owner, technician and host - Simon Plater. The facilities are comfortable, friendly and above all, professional - resulting in a top-notch end product. Simon's expertise and assistance is invaluable for the seasoned and green musicians alike. He knew how best to record our debut offering and worked closely with us during the mix down, keen to ensure that we got a polished product that captured the essence of our sound. So... a fantastic weekend, a fantastic CD -  I'd love to say more but we're busy writing new material so that we have an excuse to come back! Highly recommended.

The Slipper - Really enjoyed the experience and are very pleased with the result. Drums sound cracking, Bass is full and volumptuous, Keys, Guitar and Sax sound amazing.

Rich Clifford and the Shadoze - Great Sound Quality, good understanding of our requirements, excellent Guidance, very Comfortable, very pleased with the final mix..

Respect - Dear Simon, May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of RESPECT for the excellent time the band had at your studio. The Professional attitude you have towards your work is exemplary, there is not many people in the industry that show the commitment you have. It was also nice to be treated in a caring manner. Recording a 9-piece band is not easy; I know I mix them live. Your studio is first class and a credit to all your hard work. The recording is excellent, we have recorded at many different studios over the past 6 years and the quality of them is nothing compared to Farmyard Studios. Your prices are great and the hospitality is 1st class. We will without doubt highly recommend Farmyard Studios and look forward to working with you again. Yours Faithfully, Mike Plevin, Manager, RESPECT.

H.P.L.S. -  A top-quality end product meant we'll recommend this to anyone - value for money is excellent, the sound quality suggests a far higher budget, the accommodation was comfortable and clean, and the overall experience was great.

Stayed As Quo -  Stayed as Quo have been recording at Farmyard Studios. Working with Simon Plater has been a pleasure and the boys recorded 3 tracks namely Caroline , Don’t drive my car, and Big Fat Mama. Simon’s rock experience enabled the band to recreate a very authentic and perfectly recorded cd. The production and end result bear testament to a studio engineer with top rate equipment who is always willing to advise and recommend the best sound for a project. Simon is himself an accomplished guitarist and bass player so he was very pleased to offer the band his advice on producing a demo that they would be proud of. I would recommend all local bands to give Simon a call because in this world of you get what you pays for, for a change you get More than you pay for in this environment. I can assure you that the end result is something you will be proud of because Simon himself admits he too is a perfectionist and his results pay tribute to his skill .