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Our purpose built studio is situated with the grounds of our family home in Great Rissington. The studio looks onto a large south facing garden bordered on one side by woodland. The setting is very peaceful and relaxing and is perfect for getting those creative juices flowing.  You will often see our chickens roaming happily, pheasants and rabbits can be spotted dotted about our lawn and beautiful Red Kites and other birds of prey overhead.  As soon as it gets dusk all sorts of owls can be seen and heard and if you are lucky, the odd deer can be seen making its way across our grounds.

The studio was designed and built by Simon Plater, owner, producer and sound engineer and was established in July 2000.  The studio was built using reclaimed and recycled materials using the existing footprint of some of his family’s agricultural buildings.  It is heavily insulated with sheep's wool and all the timber used both externally and internally comes from renewable and sustainable sources.

Simon, our sound engineer and producer is a skilled musician playing guitar, bass and drums as well as other various percussion instruments. He has an extensive and detailed knowledge of sound recording, engineering, post production equipment and techniques.  Simon takes an efficient and effective yet relaxed approach to the recording process, advising customers where necessary so that they can get the most out of their time here at the studio. We do not believe in a pushy or aggressive approach, unlike so many engineers/producers, as we find this to be counter productive and increases tensions and suppresses creativity. We also fully welcome our customers to get involved in the mixing process to ensure they are fully happy with the finished product.