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Farmyard Studios

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Studio Hire

Prices include hire of the studio and sound engineer

1 Day  -  £150.00

2 Days - £240.00

3 Days - £310.00

4 Days and over - £100.00 per day

1 ½ days recording, mixing and mastering package - £200.00

Hourly hire - £30.00 for the first and £25.00 per hour thereafter

Mixing and Mastering only package

We are able to mix and master your WAV files and this will be charged at our hourly rate.

Hire of Drum Kit

Standard Drum Kit - £10.00 per booking

Snare Drums - £10.00 per booking

Cymbals - £10.00 per booking

Rehearsal Space

The Studio is also available to hire for rehearsal space, we provide the basic drum kit (drummers must bring their own snare, sticks and cymbals), vocal monitors and mics - £15.00 per hour.  Rehearsal recordings are available on request and an additional fee.

Please note that the Studio and Grounds are used at your own risk