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Studio Drum Kits

A good drum sound is an essential ingredient when producing a high quality recording.  Farmyard Studios is renowned for achieving an excellent drum sound and although we are more than happy to record your own drum kit we do suggest that you take a  look at our drum kits available for hire.  Hiring one of our kits cuts down on set up time as the drum kit will be tuned, assembled and ready to go if booked in advance and details given  of type of sound required. Both our drum kits are tuned to recording standards and have good quality skins. Please refer to our Prices page for hire details.

Standard Drum Kit

Sonor Lite 22” Kick Drum,  12” Remo Hanging Tom, 13” Remo Hanging Tom, 16” Remo Floor Tom

Premium Drum Kit

Ludwig Super Classic (1960’s) consisting of 22” Kick Drum, 12” Hanging Tom, 16” Floor Tom

Snare Drums

13” x 3” Ludwig Black Beauty and a 1960’s 14” x 5” Ludwig 400.

Both of these snare drums are classic  recording snares and in particular Ludwig 400 snares have a proven performance  to be the sound that has fuelled the most hit recordings in history.  The legendary Ludwig Black Beauty Snare has a warm, round metallic tone that many have tried to imitate but never duplicated and is highly sort after.


Sabian Hi-Hats, Paiste signature series Ride and China and Zildjian Crash and Splash


Hire of the above drums kits come complete with an Iron Cobra Kick pedal, hi-hat stand, four cymbal stands and a snare stand.